Friday, May 2, 2008

I missed RSS Awareness Day

According to ReadWriteWeb, yesterday was RSS Awareness Day. I totally missed it, but it's funny because yesterday did something really weird with my Hulu RSS feed. At first, I thought it was a problem with the feed itself, but the feed itself in my Google Reader has only my most recently viewed items, whereas the Soup feed somehow fetched all the recently added items.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Installing Silverlight on Firefox

I was thinking about Live Blogging this or something, but it's not like anyone is going to read it in real time. So, I'll just write my experience here.

By the way, I am really only installing Silverlight because wants me to. I can't watch their Windows Media videos in Firefox, so I'm hoping that if I install Silverlight and am able to watch those videos, the NBA web admins will see their numbers go up and start putting everything in Silverlight. Then I'll be able to watch it all in Firefox and not have to go to IE anymore. That'll be the day.

So far, I've downloaded the executable and that's it... Note: I've got 8 tabs open right now, so if this requires a browser restart, it could be a problem. Moreso if it's an auto-browser-restart (which I can see Microsoft wanting to do).

Letting it through the firewall...

And I will have to restart my browser for these setting to take effect... but I get to do it when I want. So, I'll use my secret "crash Firefox" session saving technique (in which I end the Firefox process from the Task Manager, thereby saving my tabs).

Back in a sec...

Okay! says it's successfully installed, and it looks like the video is there. Playback time!

Overall, not too bad. A little bit of skipping along the way, but that happens... Rewind was not so kind. Clicking on the playback bar results in the video stalling while the audio rewound and then played. If I used the scrub bar, then it worked okay after about a second. I'll take that over Windows "Buffering" Media Player, any day, though.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Five

1. Since when does PayPal require that you surrender money to them in order to use their service? I'd thought that honor was reserved only for Premium Members. Evidently it doesn't cost anything (and can actually be cost effective) to become a premium member. I just found this out when trying accept a $25 payment for Give Me The Rock.

2. I haven't even opened Google Reader today. I don't check it as much on the weekends, but today is only Friday! I hope I'm not missing out on some content I could use for the Friday Five.

3. NBA Playoffs start tomorrow. In case anyone besides me cares about that. I'm psyched. I'm going to be working outside most of the day, but I'm pretty sure I can at least break away for 2 hours to watch the PHX-SAS game on ABC at 2pm CST.

4. Friday should be Official Smoque Day. Well, every day should be Official Smoque Day, I suppose.

5. Blogger's Autosave keeps failing, and it's worrying me a little, so I'm going to go ahead and just publish this now. That and I need to hit that publish button so I can get back to writing stories about people who aren't real.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TypePad's BlogIt Facebook App and Social Media Addiction Rap

I just tried BlogIt. It couldn't post to this blog. It said it would try again later, but how is that going to work? Do they have a message queue, and will just keep trying until it goes through? I will be interested to see if it does get posted here.

In case it doesn't, here's the video I was trying to post. And yes, I do know that the title of this post rhymes. If I sounded like Biggie, I'd be all over making my own Web 2.0 raps.

Keep it Twitterific.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Host your own Lifestream

via [Lifestream Blog (who else?)]

Nuno Mariz has developed a Lifestream that you can host yourself using Django (a Python Web Framework). How long before someone develops a Wordpress plugin that does it all for you me?

I mean, the Python code doesn't look too bad (and I don't even know Python)... but I've been working for almost 11 hours today, and I just want someone to make a one-click install hosted Lifestream for me. Is that too much to ask?

Or I guess I could just make better use of my FriendFeed...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lifestream Blog has found a new Lifestreaming service aptly titled From the Twitter stream of the founder, it looks like they added 3 new services in the one day since the post on Lifestream Blog. It looks like just one guy developing it, but if that's true, it's a very impressive service.

So far, I believe it's the only Lifestreaming service to support Xbox Live. I've got HeadlessNels' Halo 3 games in one of my Lifestreams (Jaiku, I think) via plain RSS feed, but with, now I can have that + my most recently played game that's not Halo 3.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Five? Is that enough?

I knew I should have saved those other two awesome posts this week for Friday. I've been working too much this week to even care about trying to assemble 15 things for today. I do have a few...

1. Couldn't whether to go with this first or leave it for last... so, first it is.

via [Whatever]

2. As a tech note for this post, the original video is on, but it doesn't look like there's any way to embed that one. Clearly someone ripped it from there and posted it to YouTube. I don't like embedding YouTube vidoes in blog posts because, while the video is there now, who knows how long it will stay up there. Videos on YouTube still seem very ephemeral (to me, at least). I suppose I could rip the video myself and upload it to Blogger, but then I'd most likely be in violation of the law, and could just as easily make me or Blogger take it down as they could the person on YouTube.

3. Pursuant to this twitter and this follow-up: Davy Jones is in Money magazine this month advertising GorillaTrades. Davy says:
I'm a Believer! Why trade like a monkey [sic], when you can invest like a gorilla?

4. ArchPhoenix links and quotes from a new study on water. How long will the reprieve from 8 glass a day last until another study comes out saying we really need 16 glasses a day?

I've already had a 12 oz can of Coke Zero an 11.4 oz can of water, today. I could probably handle any amount of water the scientists throw out there as long as Coke Zero remains 95% H20.

5. See, I don't even have a #5